Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tabagismo: SPT apresenta hoje metas e actividades para 2007

As metas e as actividades para 2007 da SPT vão ser hoje apresentados, em Lisboa, a par de um estudo sobre poluição do ar interior provocada pelo fumo do cigarro e um outro de medição do monóxido de carbono nas escolas portuguesas.

Para reduzir o consumo de tabaco, diminuir a taxa de fumadores e acabar com a exposição à poluição ambiental causada pelo fumo, a SPT propõe-se, nomeadamente, promover estudos e acções de formação e a defender um apoio de qualidade a todos os fumadores que queiram deixar o vício.

A SPT quer também promover acções de sensibilização e de prevenção e tratamento do tabagismo.

A Sociedade surge numa altura em que o tabaco é a primeira causa evitável de morte e de doença no mundo, com cinco milhões de mortes.

Na União Europeia, o fumo passivo mata 79.000 cidadãos por ano, 72.000 devido a exposição doméstica e 7.000 no trabalho.

Em Portugal, as estimativas apontam para 12 mil vítimas em cada ano.

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Zen Shop T-shirts, Gifts & Clothing : Kanji T-shirt Kanji T-shirts Kanji Gifts & Gift : No Smoking

Zen Shop
Offers various themed t-shirts and gifts. Includes shopping cart, product descriptions with photos, service information, and purchasing instructions.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Paul Weller into Smoking Ban...

ShowBiz Ireland spotted Paul Weller grabbing a quick smoke prior to his live performance in HMV on Grafton Street. The Style Council frontman popped out of one Dublin's finest pubs Bruxelles to their beer garden to have a puff before he and his band walked around the corner to their gig.

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My blog about Paul Weller

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fumo do cigarro envelhece zonas da pele não expostas ao sol

Cientistas norte-americanos descobriam que o fumo do cigarro não só acelera o envelhecimento da pele em zonas que recebem a luz solar como também nas que estão ocultas dos raios do sol.

A investigação determinou que o fumo do cigarro foi um factor que aumentou as lesões cutâneas em zonas como a parte superior interna ou a inferior das nádegas.

Até agora sabia-se que o fumo se combinava com o sol para causar a aparição prematura de rugas na pele mas o estudo realizado por cientistas do Sistema de Saúde da Universidade do Michigan, acrescenta uma nova dimensão à ligação entre o fumar e os danos sofridos pela pele, indicaram os cientistas.

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Why is tobacco a public health priority?

Tobacco is the second major cause of death in the world. It is currently responsible for the death of one in ten adults worldwide (about 5 million deaths each year). If current smoking patterns continue, it will cause some 10 million deaths each year by 2020. Half the people that smoke today -that is about 650 million people- will eventually be killed by tobacco.

Tobacco is the fourth most common risk factor for disease worldwide. The economic costs of tobacco use are equally devastating. In addition to the high public health costs of treating tobacco-caused diseases, tobacco kills people at the height of their productivity, depriving families of breadwinners and nations of a healthy workforce. Tobacco users are also less productive while they are alive due to increased sickness. A 1994 report estimated that the use of tobacco resulted in an annual global net loss of US$ 200 thousand million, a third of this loss being in developing countries.

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Coughing Ashtray

This ashtray is designed to look like a real pair of lungs. As you place your cigarette on the trough, it starts coughing and screaming as if a real cigarette is being lighted up inside real lungs!

Great novelty gift item for the ardent smoker or for someone who needs help with give up smoking.

WARNING: You may want to give up smoking when you use this ashtray!
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

No Smoking - Poetry

At last I quit the coffin nails, those dreaded cancer sticks.
I yield to them no longer. I shall not require 'a fix'.
My master is not cigarettes. From now on it is me.
Tis I who rule my life and I will live in it smoke free.

Why did I start? It does not matter. Reasons count but one.
There's no good way to justify decisions clearly dumb.
But it was my decision. I admit that to my peers.
And so I smoked the dreaded weed for twenty eight long years!

Did I enjoy a cigarette? Yes there were quite a few.
Especially after food or if I had a drink or two.
But there were many, many more not nice or sweet sublime,
when Mr Nicotine required attention all the time.

In all the years I smoked I was supported by those who
Because they smoked, like me, enjoyed reciprocation too.
Collusion fed collective myths of social interaction.
The club required participants of 'ciggy satisfaction'.

We had one thing in common (Not withstanding coughs and choking).
The group was barred from many a place by these two words, 'No Smoking'.
I s'pose for those who did not smoke there had to be a club
excluding those whose lives were ruled by smoke and filtered stub.

The smokers often scorned those who did not lay out the cash
to buy some fags, then burn it, turning money into ash.
How could 'non-smokes' appreciate indifference to wealth?
Or understand our cavalier disdain towards our health?

I know. I was that smoker and embraced that dreadful role.
Until it hit me suddenly that I had no control.
My life was run by cigarettes, so firm was my conviction
that something had to change. I had to cast out my addiction.

With patches at the ready and my will power on top.
I picked a day to quit the stick and then I'd simply stop.
And that I did, one Sunday morning, filled with self belief,
which crumbled two hours later as the habit caused me grief.

Was it hard to stop? You betchya! Every single day.
Some minutes seemed like hours till the craving went away.
I conjured up so many good excuses to give in.
But I was so determined that tobacco would not win.

The war raged on inside my head. Withdrawal was no fun.
But I could stop it all with just one cigarette. Just one.
So tempting was the subtle, slimy, wheedling, nagging voice.
And yet I knew that 'just one more' would leave me with no choice.

I had to shut my ears and eyes and mind to that foul creature.
I had to be the student and I had to be the teacher.
I had to practice what I preached. I had to be a bore.
I had to do whatever it would take to smoke no more.

The first day was the worst until the second day became.
The third day was the worst and then the fourth was much the same.
The fifth day? That was not so bad but bad enough to bear
But then I felt the sixth day I had got it beat. So there!

And now a week has passed and I am finally smoke free.
The fog has lifted from my life. T'was worth the agony.
Of course the cravings come and go - and will do for a time
But I'm no longer listening. To start again? A crime!

Already, in a single week, (and smokers you may scoff)
In health and wealth, in self esteem, I find I'm better off.
My life belongs to me again. I must have been so thick
to be a slave to nicotine - that smelly cancer stick!

Of course there's nought that irritates like new reformed non-smokers
They bore you with self righteous statements. Verbal red hot pokers.
I count myself amongst them so my smoker friends beware.
I'll tell you I can smell your smoke in rooms and clothes and hair.

Telling you to stop is not what I would like to do.
The reason that I quit was choice. The same is up to you.
To quit is hard, I don't deny it. Really it's no joke.
But if you can withstand the strain, you'll not return to smoke.

And finally a warning - and I say this in good heart.
If you have never ever smoked - then never ever start.
If you think that it's cool to smoke then just try stopping it.
You'll find it's easier not to start, than smoking is to quit.

By: Shane Ward

All Poetry by this author

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Bryan Curtis, age 33, of St Petersberg,Florida, holds his son Bryan Jr., 2, in this March 29, 1999 photo. The photo below was taken just two months later. (Photo: Curtis Family)

June 3, 1999 -- the day of Bryan's death. Bryan's wife Bobbie and son Bryan
are at his side. Brian holds the top photo in his hands.
(St Petersberg Times photo: V. Jane Windsor)

For the full strory, visit the Brian Curtis page at

The Foundation for a Smokefree America

The Foundation for a Smokefree America was founded in 1989 by Patrick Reynolds, a grandson of the founder of the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. A former pack-a-day smoker, Patrick saw his father, oldest brother and other relatives die from cigarette-induced emphysema, heart disease and cancer.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Deixar de fumar - Conselhos úteis

Querer deixar de fumar e decidir fazê-lo são os passos mais importantes. Mas passar à prática exige esforço e auto-disciplina. Algumas rotinas poderão facilitar a tarefa:

-Fixe um dia para deixar de fumar. O estabelecimento de uma data ajuda a criar um sentimento de compromisso.
-Anuncie aos outros a sua decisão. Envolver os que lhe são mais próximos garante-lhe apoio e solidariedade.
-Identifique os seus hábitos tabágicos. Saber em que circunstâncias fuma habitualmente permite-lhe criar estratégias para contorná-las.
-Elabore uma lista de motivos para deixar de fumar e releia-a sempre que pensar em desistir.
-Aprenda a reagir à vontade de fumar. Os momentos em que sente grande desejo de voltar a fumar duram apenas alguns minutos.
-Faça uma alimentação saudável. Se a sua preocupação é o ganho de peso associado ao abandono do tabaco, procure substituir as gorduras, o açúcar e os alimentos ricos em sal por saladas, frutas e legumes.
-Tente evitar a proximidade de fumadores, bem como os cigarros e todos os objectos relacionados com o hábito de fumar.
-Pratique actividade física. Não só contribui para uma boa forma física, como ajuda a combater a ansiedade e as alterações de humor próprias dos ex-fumadores.
-Com o dinheiro que poupar no tabaco, ofereça-se uma prenda que deseje há muito tempo.
-Se não conseguir à primeira, nada está perdido. A recaída faz parte do processo de mudança. Marque uma nova data e volte a tentar.

Portal da Saúde - Ministério da Saúde

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Friday, March 9, 2007

Thank You for Smoking - Obrigado por Fumar

Click over the image Comedy

Jason Reitman (dir.)
Aaron Eckhart
Maria Bello
Cameron Bright
Adam Brody
Sam Elliott

Nick Naylor, chief spokesman for Big Tobacco, makes his living defending the rights of smokers and cigarette makers in today’s neo-puritanical culture. Confronted by health zealots and an opportunistic senator, Nick goes on a PR offensive, spinning away the dangers of cigarettes, but he begins to think about how his work makes him look in the eyes of his young son Joey.

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Como porta-voz da empresa Big Tobacco, Nick Naylor (Eckhart) foi chamado de muita coisa: assassino de massas, assassino de crianças, sanguessuga. É um trabalho duro defender os direitos dos fumadores e dos produtores de cigarros nos dias de hoje. Mas como diz o próprio Nick, se ele quisesse um trabalho fácil teria ido trabalhar para a Cruz Vermelha. Confrontado por extremistas da saúde e um senador oportunista, Nick lança-se numa ofensiva acção de relações públicas, acabando por atrair a atenção do manda-chuva do tabaco (Duvall) e de uma jornalista de investigação de um jornal influente (Holmes). Nick diz estar a fazer este trabalho apenas para pagar a sua hipoteca, mas começa a preocupar-se com a imagem que pode estar a construir aos olhos do seu jovem filho.

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You are certain to find suitable Smokefree accommodation
for your next holiday or break.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Confederação Portuguesa de Prevenção do Tabagismo

A Confederação Portuguesa de Prevenção do Tabagismo (COPPT) reúne um vasto número de Associações pertencentes à área da Saúde, da Educação e do Ambiente, todas tendo em comum o interesse pela prevenção do tabagismo em Portugal.

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"The report was prepared by the WHO Regional Office for Europe in collaboration with the WHO European network of national counterparts and experts, with valuable input from WHO Headquarters, the European Commission and international partners such as the European Network of Smoking Prevention.

The purpose of the report is threefold: to describe the tobacco control situation and tobacco control policies in the WHO European Region as at late 2006; to review progress with the implementation of the ESTC since its adoption in 2002; and to establish a baseline for monitoring progress with the implementation of the WHO FCTC in the Region."

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Clique na imagem para ler o relatório da OMS Europa sobre o "Controlo do tabaco na Europa"

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Campanha de proibição de fumo em shoppings

Objectivo: Divulgar a lei que proíbe fumar nos Shopping Centers

Fight Smoking

Friday, March 2, 2007

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Proibido fumar em bares, discotecas e restaurantes

O fumo nos restaurantes, discotecas e bares com menos de 100 metros quadrados vai ser proibido, anunciou hoje o ministro da Saúde.

Em conferência de imprensa, António Correia de Campos revelou que a nova legislação do tabaco - hoje aprovada em Conselho de Ministros - vai permitir uma única excepção nos restaurantes com mais de 100 metros quadrados, que poderão ter uma área de fumadores nunca superior a 30% do seu espaço.

O ministro revelou ainda que os restaurantes, bares e discotecas poderão ter um período de adaptação de um ano, desde a entrada em vigor da lei, que aguarda ainda aprovação pela Assembleia da Republica.

Governo avança com proibição de venda de tabaco a menores

O Governo aprovou hoje a proposta de protecção dos cidadãos contra o fumo e a favor da redução do consumo de tabaco, em que se proíbe fumar nos serviços da administração pública, estabelecimento de saúde e de ensino.

Entre outras limitações, a proposta referente ao consumo de tabaco prevê ainda a proibição da venda de produtos a menores de 18 anos.

A proposta contempla ainda a proibição da venda de produtos em máquinas de venda automática que não estejam munidas de um dispositivo electrónico ou outro sistema bloqueador que impeça o acesso a menores de 18 anos.
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No Smoking Art - Albert Ortiz

Click over the image to see moreAlbert Ortiz

Fast Facts About Tobacco and Its Use in the Media

Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States, accounting for more than 440,000 deaths each year. Although major strides have been made in reducing tobacco use among U.S. adults, rates of tobacco use among teens remain high: in 2001, 28.5% of high school students used some form of tobacco. Tobacco use and addiction usually begin in adolescence. Among U.S. adults who ever smoked daily, 82% tried their first cigarette and 53% became daily smokers before 18 years of age.The costs associated with tobacco use total more than $150 billion a year—$75.5 billion per year in medical expenses and $81.9 billion in lost productivity.

Although the behaviors and attitudes of family and friends are the main influences on adolescent decisions to use tobacco, the media—films, television, and the Internet—also influence these decisions. According to recent studies,

-Current movie heroes are three to four times more likely to smoke than are people in real life.
-Young people in the United States watch an average of three movies a week, which contain an average of five smoking episodes each, adding up to about 15 exposures to smoking a week. Young people may be exposed to more smoking in movies than in real life.
-A teen whose favorite star smokes is significantly more likely to be a smoker.
-Approximately two-thirds of films seen today show tobacco use, including films that are rated PG or PG-13 and intended for young audiences.
-Films depicting tobacco use are increasing and are reinforcing misleading perceptions that smoking is a widespread, socially desirable, and normal behavior, and they fail to convey the long-term consequences of tobacco use.
Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down!, a project of the American Lung Association of Sacramento-Emigrant Trails in which teens reviewed the 500 top domestic box office movies between 1991 and 2001, reported the following findings in Tobacco Use in the Movies, Annual Report Card 2001:

-Tobacco was used in 75% of all movies reviewed. Most tobacco use took place in enclosed areas, usually around nonsmokers.
-43% of the movies showed scenes in which tobacco use could be interpreted as attractive, with qualities described by teens as sexy, exciting, powerful, cool, sophisticated, rebellious, and celebratory, whereas 27% of the movies included some type of anti-tobacco statement.
-Top-billed actors, as defined by the Internet Movie Database, lit up in 59% of all movies reviewed.

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GIFs - No Smoking